20 December 2013

There is a new Mulga website

Dear friends,

I will not be updating this blog anymore.

The good news is that my official website is the place to be for all Mulga happenings and it is truly magical.

See you there!

- Mulga

31 October 2013

Jerry the Giraffe

I was commissioned to draw Jerry the Giraffe by an ear, nose, throat doctor's surgery.

They had already purchased a print of Eden the Enigmatic Elephant who represented the ears and nose and now they just needed the throat to compete the trifecta.

Jerry the Giraffe was the ideal candidate.

© Mulga 2013, Jerry the Giraffe, Posca on Paper, 30 x 42 cm

An Ode to Jerry the Giraffe

Jerry the Giraffe is unique in his tower
Because of his magical colours his voice has power

He’s memorised all the tunes from the Lion King
And for miles around all the animals hear him sing

He has a voice so smooth like Elton John
And everyone loves when he sings that special song

He always wins the savannah talent shows
And afterwards all his fans give him a rose

The End

18 October 2013

Mulgafest Video Competition

Mulgafest Video Competition

Music videos are rad but what about art poetry videos, that doesn’t sound too snazzy but let’s change that!

Mulgafest is an annual video competition aiming to showcase the worlds most raddest video makers. It is a collaboration between Mulga and the video maker and celebrates art and poetry and video in one fun little package.


The winner will receive a $300 Mulga gift voucher. This voucher can be used to purchase Mulga goodies such as clothes, art prints, an original artwork or a custom Mulga painting.


Make a video about a Mulga artwork with the poem about the artwork being the audio or as text in the video.

If you want, send an email to mulgasroom@gmail.com telling me which artwork you want to feature and I can record the poem for you.

Checkout this video I made for an example.

How to enter

Upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and then email mulgasroom@gmail.com with the link.

I will then put the video on my website.

How is the winner selected?

Mulga will select his favourite video from the top 5 videos with the most Facebook likes.


Video submissions close 30 November 2013.

Facebook voting ends on 15 December 2013 and Mulga will then select his favourite video from the 5 videos with the most Facebook likes.

10 September 2013

The Basel Royale Art Prize 2013 - Live Painting

This Thursday night I will be painting live and competitively at Lo Fi. The winner out of 24 finalists is a sweet adventure to Miami.

It will be radical and the thing I am painting will have axes and horns and beards and lightning bolts in it so you know it will be good. 

I need peeps there to vote for me with magical golden tokens that they give you on the night.
You can also vote for me on instagram by giving my picture of Spout Trunk Sammy a like on the instagram called @loficollective.

Where: Lo-Fi, Kinselas Building, Level 2, 383 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, NSW
When: Competition: 6pm – 9pm Thursday, September 12, 2013

03 September 2013

Live Painting at FBi Radio’s 10th Birthday Party

I am painting at FBi Radio’s tenth birthday party this Sunday and it will be radical. They interviewed me, click here to read all about it.

01 September 2013

Captain Dad

Happy father's day ya scurvy dogs. This is my dad and I painted him and called him Captain Dad, he likes to sail on the seas. In real life he is even more colourful.

14 August 2013

Mulga on the Radio

I was interviewed for an arts program on 2ser radio called So hot Right Now.

Want to know why I go by the name Mulga? Click on the link, you can hear me at 2:50 - 3:20.

10 August 2013

Mulga Jumper Sale – Get on it while stocks last!

Checkout this sweet sale at my online shop.

30% off all jumpers and receive a free art print valued at $20 with every jumper purchase.

Go to http://mulgatheartist.com.au/shop/ and enter the code at checkout: yew

I post internationally!

23 July 2013

Mulga Art Giveaway and Artshow

I will be displaying some rad new art at this huge showcase night along side a bunch of other artists and other creative peeps.

This will be a great night and for $15 you get – live music, runway fashion shows, burlesque, dance, short films, and a whole load of visual art, photography and accessories design, Including drinks by Brokenwood Wines and canapés by Danny’s Bistro upon arrival, It’s a pretty sweet deal for $15.

In addition, if you buy a ticket I will give you for FREE a Mulga art print valued at $20. That is a sweet deal even if you can’t make the night!

Get tickets at here.

Here is some progress shots of a new painting I will be showing.

16 July 2013

Poetry Recital on Channel 7′s Sunrise

I had the opportunity to recite a poem on Channel 7's Sunrise show as part of the Beard Season launch.

Here is the link to the video.

Check out Beard  Season's website.

This is the poem I recited

An Ode to Beard Season

Hey ho let’s gather round
For a word on beards and advice so sound

This wondrous thing that we call the beard
Should not be abhorred, it should not be feared

It should be embraced like a soft teddy bear
This thing is precious, this blanket of hair

It has the power to save your life
And the skill to keep you from harm and strife

I like to think a beard is more than just fun
It’s also protective armour from the sun

In my final remarks I do implore
Go have a skin check lest ye hit the floor

The End

04 July 2013

Hazelhurst Art on Paper Exhibition

This Friday night at Hazelhurst Gallery at 6 pm this is on, come along if you're around!
I painted a huge Magical Lion called Raimondo!

On the Sunday (7 July 2013) I will be back at Hazelhurst with my famous market stall as part of the Wild Things art and craft markets. I will be offering some sweet deals.

Here is some information on the art show:

New works by 96 artists in a competition of outstanding art created with, on, or about paper.

This year artists will compete for $26 000 in prize money thanks to the support of Global Specialised Services. Prizes include the $15,000 major award, the $5,000 Emerging Artist’s Award, and the $5,000 Friends of Hazelhurst local artist award. A $1,000 People’s Choice Award will be voted on by the public.

Over 750 local, state and national entries were received with 96 artists being selected for the exhibition, including 29 emerging artists and 14 local artists.

Winners will be announced at opening night Friday 5 July 2013.

26 June 2013

Art in Motion Art Show

I have a piece of art in this art show this Friday night. I drew an elephant wearing a beanie with water spouting out of his trunk, it is fun. This show will be rad with a lot of great Sydney artists involved.

30 May 2013

Mulga Artshow at Beach Burrito Newtown

This Monday night on the 3rd of June 2013 there I am having an artshow at Beach Burrito Company Newtown.

You can eat burrito's whilst looking at some rad art featuring beards, flouro creatures, zombies and beards!

There will be prints on sale for $15 each and they are sized at 30 x 42 cm. That is the cheapest you will get some Mulga art for, trust me I know!

19 May 2013

02 May 2013

Anton the Aztec Goat

© Mulga 2013, Anton the Aztec Goat, Ink on Paper, 21 x 30 cm

An Ode to Anton the Aztec Goat

A goat called Anton rowed his boat
Every day around the castle in the moat

And in that boat he wore a coat
And its patterns were great, he was known to gloat

“In the Incas I obtained my patterned coat”
In his daily journal is what he wrote

The coat was payment made in full
For head-butting one rampaging bull

He butted the bull and it ran away
And he saved all the village folk on that day

But that was a long time in the past
And now he can’t even run that fast

His time is now spent as a goat in a boat
Paddling in a moat while wearing a coat

It might seem silly but it floats his boat
That Anton the Goat who’s known to gloat

The End

30 April 2013

27 April 2013

Smokey Joe the Hipster

© Mulga 2013, Smokey Joe the Hipster, Ink on Paper, 15 x 21 cm


Buy a print at http://mulgatheartist.com.au/shop/

An Ode to Smokey Joe the Hipster

I would like you to meet Mr Smokey Joe
If it's a hipster your after he's the guy to know

He rolls his own durries and wears a big coat
And like a duck to water he's not one to gloat

He knows the cool bands before they exist
And that's cooler than hip if your getting my gist

But his claim to glory and hipster crown
Is the growth on his face, his beard so brown

Without this feature he would cease to exist
Be but a vapour of air or a patch of mist

It signifies that he is the dominant man
Because without the beard he's probably bland

So the lesson to learn and heed this time
And the reason for this here hipster ryhme

Is that growing a beard could be your best move
Get you outta your funk and into the groove

This beard could become your very best feature
And transform you into a hairy masculine creature

The End

26 April 2013

Terry the Tiger

© Mulga 2012, Terry the Tiger, Posca on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

I drew Terry the Tiger for a Le QC x Mulga collab. You can buy Terry on tees and jumpers at http://quaycollective.myshopify.com/collections/le-qc

An Ode to Terry the Tiger

Terry the Tiger was terrrific indeed
Of this single fact all the animals agreed

He ruled the jungle like a stripey king
Sometimes he would lounge, sometimes he would sing

Everywhere he went he wore his dazzling coat
And when he crossed the river he travelled by boat

He made his castle high in the trees
And he ate of the honey produced by bees

He was the finest specimen in all the land
And he fronted the best jungle rock band

They played every Saturday at the Jungle Pub
And chilled out after in the jungle hot tub

The End

24 April 2013

Bear Hat Bob

© Mulga 2013, Bear Hat Bob, Posca on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

An Ode to Bear Hat Bob

Bear Hat Bob is an outdoors guy
At home in the mountains and under the sky

He walks around with his sunglasses pink
Even at night it seems odd you might think

Bart the Bear was his very best friend
The wilderness they journeyed from end to end

One day in the spring they came across a river
The water was cold it made them shiver

They attempted to cross on a fallen tree
But Bart fell into that freezing stream

He couldn’t swim so he drowned to death
He had breathed his last, his very last breath

Bob was so sad and he cried for week
He cried in the day and he cried in his sleep

To remember his friend, the Bear called Bart
Bob wore him as a hat and now they’re never apart

The End

22 April 2013

Trevor Trumpet Face

© Mulga 2012, Trevor Trumpet Face, Ink on Paper, 15 x 21 cm

An Ode to Trevor Trumpet Face

He has big elephant ears and a trunk for a nose
He has a trumpet on his face and it looks like a hose

With every sneeze his big trumpet sounds
And the largeness of the volume knows no bounds

It scares away all the birds in the trees
That’s exactly what happens every time he does a sneeze

The End

20 April 2013

Ole Pointy Beard Pete

© Mulga 2012, Ole Pointy Beard Pete, Posca on Paper, 30 x 40 cm


I was commissioned to paint this for a lucky gentlemen's birthday present.

Buy a print of this here.

An Ode to Ole Pointy Beard Pete

Ole Pointy Beard Pete loves his single fin stick
It goes super fast and rides real slick

He always runs swiftly towards the ocean
As if he is strengthened by some magical potion

His beard trails behind like a bushy tail
And sometimes he uses it as a sail

He’s a surf hunter adventure man
He’s surfed in Alaska and even Iran

He once rode a wave onto the back of a whale
Then the whale got angry and flicked it’s tail

That was the best darn ride Ole Pete ever had
And when he remembers that day it always makes him glad

The End

23 March 2013

Bearded Elvis

© Mulga 2012, Bearded Elvis, Ink on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

Today ( 23 March 2013) marks the day 56 years ago that Elvis’s debut album, “Elvis Presley” was released.

I drew a picture of him with a sweet beard.

You can buy a print of this artwork here http://mulgatheartist.com.au/shop/

An Ode to Bearded Elvis

Most geezers think Elvis aint alive
But the truth is he’s just in disguise

I saw him the other day cruising down the street
He had a beard so spectacular and long and neat

Turns out he’s been hiding away
Behind his beard and bales of hay

All those many, many moons ago
He grew tired of the crowds and the Elvis show

So he pretended to die and began to grow a mo
Then the mo became a goatee that hung so low

Then came the chops and a full beard in time
Thus concludes this story and bearded Elvis rhyme

The End

18 March 2013

Laser Head Lance

© Mulga 2012, Laser Head Lance, Acrylic on Board, 70 x 120 cm

An Ode to Laser Head Lance

Laser Head Lance is a slippery old cat
Lives in a world of shadows covered up by his hat

The one day the wind turned from breeze into gale
Blew up his hat like a boat under sail

Those secrets within did explode out his head
And the colour of his hands were a deep shade of red

His secrets revealed that he'd been quite bad
And the fallout was severe and the people were mad

Oh how the mighty have fallen and the proud do stumble
Now Laser Head Lance is humbler than humble

06 March 2013

Mulga and Gerard Brown Art Show in Wollongong

Its going down this Saturday 9th, featuring Mulga The Artist and Gerard Brown.

There will be Original Artworks, Tunes, Poetry, Beverages and a Live Art Collab between Mulga and Gerard.

"Keep the date free... Or free it up!!

Its gonna be epic!

Supported by ART PARK

For more info email quaystore@gmail.com


28 February 2013

Trevor Trumpet Face

© Mulga 2013, Trevor Trumpet Face, Ink on Paper, 15 x 21 cm

An Ode to Trevor Trumpet Face

He has big elephant ears and a trunk for a nose
He has a trumpet on his face and it looks like a hose

With every sneeze his big trumpet sounds
And the largeness of the volume knows no bounds

It scares away all the birds in the trees
That’s exactly what happens every time he does a sneeze

20 February 2013

Mulga’s First Market Stall

Mulga’s First Market Stall

Come one, come all to my first market stall.

I am having my first market stall at Caringbah markets this Sunday 24 February 2013.
The market is in Coles carpark and is open 7 am to 1 pm.

I will be selling tees for babies, toddlers, kids, dudes and chicks. There will also be art prints on paper and on canvas.
Come by and say hi, you won't regret it!!


02 February 2013

Wavebeard wally

© Mulga 2012, Wavebeard Wally, Ink on Paper, 15 x 21 cm

Prints available at http://meylah.com/MulgaTheArtist


An Ode to Wavebeard Wally

He's an old sailor chum and he always smells of fishes
His craft and his trade is the ocean and it's dishes

He doesnt like to walk on the solid solid land
His boat is his home on the ocean oh so grand

Every day on the ocean has affected him just so
That the beard on his face has found a peculiar way to grow

These whiskers in question have formed into the shape of waves
And it's not some parlour trick or the way that he shaves

He rocks the full wave beard and it's pretty darn rad
That's the story of Wavebeard Wally an ocean going lad

28 January 2013

Jolly Joel

© Mulga 2012, Jolly Joel, Posca on Paper, 21 x 30 cm

If you like what you see you can buy a print at http://meylah.com/MulgaTheArtist


And Ode to Jolly Joel

Tropical island's in the sun
That's where Jolly Joel has some fun

Where palm trees rustle in the breeze
And that's where there is no killer bees

Bees of the killer kind just aren't cool
And if you encounter them while sitting by the pool

You should jump in the water and splash around
Maybe those bees won't sting you and you won't be found

I once saw this movie about a girl
Macaulay Culkin was stung and he began to swell

Those stinking bees got him really bad
Then he died and it was fully sad

So what you need to learn after you've had a little cry
Is to stay away from killer bees otherwise you might die

The End

24 January 2013

Barry the Magical Bison

© Mulga 2012, Barry the Magical Bison, Posca on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

Buy a print of this / Website/ Facebook

An Ode to Barry the Magic Bison

This bison is big, this bison is great
He's a really nice guy, he'll be your mate

So this is the way the stories been told
Passed through time and history and generations of old

When young in his life while roaming the plain
He stumbled upon a rainbows tail

This rainbows tail contained a pot of gold
And it's magical powers entered his soul

He transformed from brown to many a colour
And his magical powers increased in number

He could fly like a kite and climb like a goat
Run like the wind and float like a boat

He could buzz like a bee and sing like a bird
And he soon became the king of the herd

19 January 2013

Inigo Montgator

© Mulga 2012, Inigo Montgator, Ink on Paper, Digitally Colored, 15 x 21 cm

Buy a print of this / Website/ Facebook

An Ode to Inigo Montgator

Hello my name is Inigo Montgator
I saw you once and I'll see you later
You killed my father, prepare to die
You six fingered freak of a guy

The End

11 January 2013

Michael the Magical Owl

© Mulga 2012, Michael the Magical Owl, Posca on Paper, 40 x 50 cm

Email me if you would like a print or a t-shirt with Michael the Magical Owl on it.

An Ode to Michael The Magical Owl

A magical owl Michael is he
Loves everything to do with the big blue sea

He sails a boat in those Southern Seas
With the waves below he is most at ease

He never goes hungry he always eats fish
Ocean creatures are by far his favourite dish

He has a wine collection that is most super duper
Just one glass at a time lest ye fall into a stupor

Most unusual for an owl is this bird
With the wisdom of a man that is not absurd

The End

02 January 2013

Gregory the Green Gorilla

© Mulga 2012, Gregory the Green Gorilla, Ink and food dye on Paper, 15 x 21 cm

An Ode to Gregory the Green Gorilla

Gregory is green, Gregory is mean
Gregory don't participate in no team

This largish ape with a scowl on his face
Has hands as powerful as a largish mace

And not the kind that you spray
But the kind that when you see it you run away

Gregory the Gorilla is the jealous type
And his emotions manifest on the fur on his hind

Bright green like a chameleon on a banana so unripe
So stay away from his girl lest he turn unkind

Thus goes the tale of Gregory the Green Gorilla
Sometimes as frightening as the Mr Godzilla

The End

26 December 2012

Eden the Enigmatic Elephant

© Mulga 2012, Eden the Enigmatic Elephant, Posca on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

I wish everyone a merry Christmas and nice new year!

Check out my new website.
Email me if you are interested in buying the original.
Get this as a print here.

An Ode to Eden the Enigmatic Elephant

A mystery to one and all
A colourful massive beast
His wonder and his splendour
Spreads from the west to the east

Creator of the rainbow
Colours shot from his trunk
A magical conundrum
More pleasant then a skunk

And where there's rain, and where there's sun
You'll find this jolly beast
Having his lion's share of fun
At his giant moveable feast

And at the end of a long days work
He'll leave a pot of gold
Payment for the Leprechauns
As it has been foretold

The End

23 December 2012

BlackBeard Santa with Laser Beams

© Mulga 2012, Blackbeard Santa with laser beams, Posca on card, 14.8 x 22 cm

An Ode to BlackBeard Santa

With laser beams coming out of his eyes, 
This Christmas you may be in for a Blackbeard Santa surprise

If you've been bad you'll make him mad
If you've been nice you'll get some chocolate slice

His laser beams are his most prominent feature
They stike the fear into every man and creature

A single short burst can liquify a cat
vaporize a goat or dissolve a rat

Explode a man and vanish a dog
Exterminate a pig and stupefy a frog

So please don't make him mad
These powers of his are very rad

The End

02 December 2012

Alphabetica Art Show

I drew the letter D for 'Alphabetica', an art show created in support of the Dandelion Support Network.
It opens Thursday, December 6 at He Made She Made Gallery.
I recommend checking it out!

See you next time

01 December 2012

Dracula Darell (Prepare to Meet Thy Doom haha)

© Mulga 2012, Dracula Darrell (Prepare to Meet Thy Doom haha), Posca and acrylic paint on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

Check out Mulga's website mulgatheartist.com.au/
Like Mulga at www.facebook.com/Mulgatheartist

Buy a print of this at meylah.com/MulgaTheArtist

An Ode to Dracula Darrell

Dracula Darrell comes from a family
Of bloodsucking monsters ever so scary

He has the skill of shooting beams of energy
Outta his hands and into his enemy

These radiactive lasers, so mutant and deadly
Will vaporize anybody who appears unfriendly

A zap zap here and a zap zap there
My laser beams are gunna give you a scare

That's what he sings when he's zapping away
And his smile so deranged stays around all day

The End

See you next time

28 November 2012

Gary the Goatee Man

© Mulga 2012, Gary the Goatee Man, Posca and acrylic paint on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

Prints available in My Magical Online Shop

An Ode to Gary the Goatee Man

Like JohnTtravolta this goats got style
But he's also deadly, like slipping on a tile

Gary is a mutant, half goat half man 
An unholy abomination, something like spam

He works security at a mutant night spot
Zapping unruly patrons with lasers so hot

He's a grumpy old goat, there aint no changing that
And don't ever try to make him wear a hat

The End

See you next time

24 November 2012

Party Gator

Introducing Party Gator!

Filthy Flamingo Surf Gang

© Mulga 2012, Filthy Flamingo Surf Gang, Ink on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

This is a piece of art of which I was commissioned to complete for Duvin Design, a Florida based surf lifestyle clothing label. Singlets are currently for sale with this art on it at Duvin Design's shop.

An Ode to the Filthy Flamingo Surf Gang

When a well so deep
Owned by the goons at BP
With oil began to leak
And gush into the sea

The formation of this gang
Did all begin
When this oil so putrid
Had all sunk in

These flamingos were pink
And now they're not
Transformed by stink
And oil so hot

These birds were friendly
Gentle and kind as well
But now they're mean
And they emit a smell

The other birds
Call them stinking greasers
But the flamingos retaliate
And kill all them geese's

They terrorize the coast
And the swamps of Florida
Trashing nests in trees
And strong arming fauna

Thus goes the tale
Of the flamingo surf gang
So filthy and rough
You better believe it mang

The End

See you next time

18 November 2012

Lion Hat Leigh

© Mulga 2012, Lion Hat Leigh, Posca on Paper, 42 x 59 cm

An Ode to Lion Hat Leigh

Lion hat Leigh lives high in a tree
His Beard turned green, a sight to be seen

Because of his hat he's chief of the tribe
He's also very muscly, of this is do not lie

His hat was once a lion of the mountain kind
The taste of human flesh, it really did not mind

One night this lion it did pounce on Leigh
As he lay in his sleep he got bit on the knee

Then Leigh arose and battled this lion
Gave it a head butt and then it lay dying

He picked it up and put it on his head
Then lay back down to sleep in his bed

The end

See you next time

10 November 2012

Captain Laramie Lion

© Mulga 2012, Captain Laramie Lion, Posca on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

I was commissioned to draw this for Duvin Design, a Florida based surf clothing company.

An Ode to Captain Laramie Lion

Captain Laramie the Lion
Never felt at peace
On the plains of Africa
As much as the seas

The odd one out
He favoured the fish
Over the buffalo
As his favourite dish

His journey began
The day he was caught
By illegal poachers
From Somewhere up north

Locked in a cage
And put upon a ship
Laramie picked the lock
And gave them the slip

He ate every man
Upon that boat
And became the captain
And wore the captain's coat

When he reached a port
He assemble a crew
A motley bunch
Drunk from too much brew

From that day forward
Laramie road the waves with ease
No longer king of the jungle
He was now king of the seas

The End

-See you next time

08 November 2012

Cornwallis the Cowboy

© Mulga 2012, Cornwallis the Cowboy, Acrylic paint and Posca on Paper, 42 x 59 cm

An Ode Cornwallis the Cowboy

Cornwallis the Cowboy is an interesting chap
His dad is old hank and he likes to clap

He uses his lasso to procure all that he needs
Not only things that go moo but also things like beans

He once lassoed a bus when ill fell his steed
With a minimum of fuss he got from A to B

Cornwallis likes to eat corn every day of the week
And his horse says neigh when it wants to speak

The End

See you next time
- Mulga

06 November 2012

Time Keeper Timmy

© Mulga 2012, Time Keeper Timmy, Ink on Paper and digitally coloured, 15 x 21 cm

An Ode to Time Keeper Timmy

Time Keeper Timmy was a punctual chap
He was never once late even when he had a flat

The sands of time slip through the hourglass
With this in mind everything he did he did really fast

He high fived instead of shook and ran instead of walked
His thoughts were double speed, he even rapped instead of talked

Running across the road he got hit by a car
Broke both his legs and was stuck in bed with a cast

For Timmy time seemed to slow to a shuddering halt
He had no place to go and no way he could bolt

So he got himself the Sunday newspaper
And mastered the force like the dark lord Vader

The End

See you next time
- Mulga

05 November 2012

Herman the Hipster Video

I am proud to announce the release of my first ever art poem video.
It is about Herman the Hipster and is only 34 seconds long so you know it's good.
Check it out.

See you next time

03 November 2012

Manfred the Magical Lion King

© Mulga 2012, Manfred the Magical Lion King, Acrylic paint and Posca on Paper, 42 x 59 cm

Prints available at my magical online shop

An Ode to Manfred the Magical Lion King

Manfred the Magical is a delight to behold
Of colours fantastical and a crown of gold

He reigns with authority and commands with ease
When he roars, out of his mouth fly bees

He likes to hold court on the rock of power
All the animals come and give him a flower

With each flower he eats, his colours grow brighter
And his hold on the crown becomes that much tighter

The End

See you next time
- Mulga

28 October 2012

Larry the Lion King

© Mulga 2012, Larry the Lion King, Ink on Paper, 13 x 20 cm

An Ode to Larry the Lion King

Larry the Lion King
Just likes to say rah
He says it so much 
He sounds like a galah

Down at the shops
And up on the hill
It's over the top
He sounds like a dill

It's rah this 
And rah that
Can I have a burger 
And some rah with that

That's what he says
When he goes to lunch
His friend got so angry
He gave him a punch

The End

See you next time

18 October 2012

Fernando the Feral Laser Beam Possum Wolf Bat

© Mulga 2012, Fernando the Feral Laser Beam Possum Wolf Bat, Posca and acrylic paint on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

If you like what you see you can buy a print at My Magical Online Shop

An Ode to Fernando the Feral Laser Beam Possum Wolf Bat

Of what I am not sure is this mammal
But one thing I know he's one freaky animal

He eats a warm meal every single night
Heated up by his mutant laser eyesight

Then he heads out to the mutant discotheque
And dances the night away looking the best

The End

See you next time

07 October 2012

Zombie Reece

© Mulga 2012, Zombie Reece, Acrylic paint and Posca on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

Zombie Reece prints available at My Magical Online Shop

An Ode To Zombie Reece

His name is Reece and he had a beard
So damn bushy and so revered

Then one day he made a decision
To cut that beard with a blade of precision

Everyone was sad and asked him why
He simply said "It was hot and in the summer I'll fry"

The End

See you next time

06 October 2012

Art Show Cubed

These are 3 posters for the 3 art shows I currently have art in.

The dates are as follows:

1. Snake Turban Steve and Friends runs till 12 October.
2. Living in a Glasshouse runs till 2 November 2012.
3. Good Jelly Sketchbook Exhibition runs till October 2018.

Go and check them out if you are in the vicinity.