19 May 2012

Skateboard Art - Bright Bearded Beanie Man with Curly Mo

© Mulga 2012, Skateboard Art - Bearded Beanie Man with Curly Mo, Acrylic and Posca on skateboard

This is a skate deck that I painted on with paint and then went over it with black posca pen.
He is a happy curled mustache wearing colourful bearded displaying beanie wearing dude.

An Ode to Bright Beard

His beard is bright
His grin is nice
He sleeps at night
His food has spice

Many colours did
His beard become
When in Madagascar
He ate chameleon

It's magical powers
Upon his beard unleashed
Like a bouquet of flowers
Or a whale beached

When he's sad it's blue
And angry it's red
Orange it turns
After butter chicken he's fed

When he's happy
That's what you now see
Many magical colours
Bright beard that's he

The End

See you next time


  1. Kind of reminds me of a stained glass window...a really wild one. Can imagine it would look great on a skateboard too.