12 November 2011

Death From Above

This is an artwork of a Perigrin Falcon. They are silent killers.
They are awesome hunters and have the ability to shoot laser beams from their eyes.
They prey on other birds like ducks, pheasants and pigeons and even bats. They usually always attack in mid flight by a kick to the face.
Sometimes they kill by shooting laser beams from their eyes. They do this when they don't feel like kicking and when they want a warm meal.
They fly damn fast too. They can travel up to 320 kilometers per hour when in a dive bomb.
They live on every continent in the world except Antarctica. It's probably too cold for them there.
Some falcons travel 15,000 kilometers per year and like to go back to their own nest. Some nests have been in use for hundreds of years and are occupied by successive generations of falcons. How cool is that!
See you next time.


  1. I love this illustration dude mega sweet style, i love the detail you put in the feathers and the lazer eyes. your blog's awesome :D

  2. gorgeous!Do you have another picture - without beams? I wanna do a tattoo with this image, and the beams - a little distort the whole spirit of the image)