14 May 2012

Bird Brain Bill The Zombie

© Mulga 2012, Bird Brain Bill The Zombie, Acrylic Paint and Posca Pen on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

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I will have post every 2 weeks and they will be crazy zombie characters. 
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An Ode To Bird Brain Bill the Zombie

His name is Bill and for a brain
He’s got a bird thus his name

His thoughts are scattered like bird seed
Of worms and kernels his mind does feed

Bill’s original brain was eaten alive
By Beardo the Weirdo doing the zombie jive

Beardo became Bill’s zombie dad
His beard is green and very rad

The early worm gets eaten alive
By the early bird who’s got the drive

One bird in the head is worth two in the tree
Especially when that space is free

Today Bill operates four birdseed shops
His brain is happy the food never stops

That’s the story of Bird Brain Bill
With a bird for brain and looks to kill

See you next time.