18 January 2012

Tough guy bearded man wearing beanie folding his arms

This is an example of the art which will be in my upcoming art show Longbeard's Anonymous Monkey Factory.
This is an example of a person who does not do little twirls like a ballerina.

Here is a poem.

He sports a mean beard
And a look to be feared
A beanie sits a top his head
Don't cross this man or he'll make you dead
With arms crossed and gaze intent
He aint no friendly gent
His body language tells me this
So don't be expecting no sloppy kiss

The End

See you next time- Mulga


  1. This bearded man bares an uncanny resemblance to Rick Ruban.

  2. Spot on! I drew it based on a photo of good ole Ricko. Good eye!

  3. Very nice and neat! Loved the style :)

  4. Really great details! Pen and ink is some of my favorite art. Really nice job with the jacket and the beard is really cool!

  5. thanks for your comments guys. appreciate the kind words!

  6. He really looks someone not to be messed with. Really neat! <3

  7. lol yo, the stories that go with your work are perfect