27 July 2011


This is a picture i painted of an owl. When Pearl sees it she says 'toot toot'.
I wrote a poem from the perspective of the owl.

I'm an owl, in the darkness i prowl
I love to eat meat, that's my kind of feast
When i grab some mice they usually die of fright
When i see a mouse that's when i pounce
My eyes are lazy but my neck is crazy
It turns 270 degrees up in them trees
When i hang with my buddies people call us a study

The end

A group of owls is also called a parliament or a wisdom. I thought that was interesting but found it too hard to incorporate into the poem. If you can rhyme that little tidbit drop me a line and ill add it into the poem.


  1. How did you come up with the title?
    Seriously good art though!! ;)

  2. Cheerio old chap. Well i thought long and hard about the most appropriate title because if I gave it the wrong title it can be really misleading and people may be disappointed. For example, if i called it dog and someone really wanted to see a dog and then they came and looked and all they got was an owl it could potentially turn into a really ugly situation. So my policy is to be really honest about the titles.

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