15 October 2011


Here's a little drawing of a shark i did. He is made up of a few different kinds of patterns.
Here is a poem about sharks in acrostic style.

Sharks are the kings of the sea.
Huge.Sharks can get pretty huge. A case in point is the 470kg, 3.8 metre tiger shark which was caught 500 metres off Main beach, Gold Coast in Queensland on Thursday 13 October 2011.
Awesome predators. They are heaps good at eating stuff. They are king of the food chain in the ocean. They are like the lions of the sea.
Running is not what sharks are good at. They are better at swimming. A Mako shark can swim 96 kilometres per hour.
Kebabs. Sharks like to eat kebabs, and people.
Swell shark, which lives in New Zealand barks like a dog. Woof woof!

See you next time.


  1. like the patterns!

  2. I absolutely adore sharks and love what you did here with the different patterns. :)

  3. Absolutely love it!! I not only adore sharks, I also do everything to save them - that's why I'm with Shark Savers Germany. Right now we're looking for great shark-art to raise awareness the bad, bad things that happen to sharks and drive them towards extinction.. Would you consider to donate this piece (or the allowance of using it in online/offline)? For sure you will be named as author and get all your credits. We could imagine to use it for postcards or in our calendar for 2014... let me know, what you're thinking. Thanks! Sabine