23 May 2012

Mousetrap Board Riders Surf Club Logo

© Mulga 2012, Mousetrap Board Riders Surf Club Logo, Ink on Food Dyed Paper, 30 x 40 cm

My good friend Stuart McKerihan suggested I  draw the logo for the legendary Mousetrap Board Riders Club. I finally completed it. Do you like it Stuart?

An Ode to the Mousetrap Boardriders

They're rats on traps

Hairy little beasts
Doing carves and snaps
It looks funny from the beach

Upon rat traps
They surf like pros
A couple of them
Like to surf on the nose

An agent of death
They've used for their means
A death trap transformed
Happy as mung beans

Their club house is located
In the sewer at Cronulla point
A dingy dungeon of a place
But they're home in that joint

When the tide is low
And they hear the sea roar
They scurry from their lair
And tubes they score

They got no rules
It's every rat for himself
It's drop in central
On that rock shelf

The End

See you next time

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