28 April 2012

They've Drunk Our Blood Now It's Time To Die!

 © Mulga 2012, They've Drunk Our Blood, Ink on Paper,9 x 14 cm
© Mulga 2012, Time To Die, Ink on Paper,9 x 14 cm

These are 2 artworks I completed in my notebook.
They are freaky characters.

Here's a poem I wrote about them and as usual it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. 
If any one wants to write their own poem I can put it up on the blog.

An ode to these two freaks

They've drunk our blood
We have no food
Our bellies do grumble
That is quite rude

We will arise
With pitch forks raised
Our rage intense
And justified

We'll gut those pigs
Who caused this mess
Dues will be paid
Of this we stress

Now it's time to die
There's no place to run
Only charred bones will remain
When we're done

Justice will be served
Just like a cake
At the birthday party
But it'll be your wake

The End

See you next time

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