03 May 2012

Magic Beard

© Mulga 2012, Magic Beard!, Ink on Paper then digitally colored

This is a little sketch I did of magic beard.
I am thinking of doing a painting like this and the beard will have different colored geometric shapes a be nice and bright.
Here's a poem about magic beard

An Ode To Magic Beard

His beard is magic
It performs many feats
His skin is yellow
From the sand at the beach

When his beard enters
Any kind of room
It lights up the place
Like a nuclear mushroom

The world becomes brighter
The colours have a zing
The birds of the air
Cannot help but sing

They sing
Magic Beard
Magic Beard
Magic Beard
(you have to sing that last bit with increasing pitch and loudness for it to work, try it with me now
 - magic beard, Magic Beard, MAGIC BEEAARRDD!)

See you next time

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