25 April 2012

Ratus Got a New Board

© Mulga 2012, Ratus Got a New Board, Watercolour and Ink on Paper, 20 x 30.5 cm

An Ode to Ratus

Ratus is stoked
He got a new board
It's a speedy fish
And shan't be ignored

His stance is funny
And he has one eye
He got knifed 
By some very angry guy

Then Ratus got mad
So he used his tail
To choke the guy
Like a big white whale

Oh the horror
Oh the pain
To have lost thee eye
So totally in vain

He keeps the wound covered
Like a tent in the rain
But every night
Ole Ratus feels the pain

It pulses and pounds
Inside is his brain
Keeps him awake
Till he turns insane

His surfboard is now new
And now he surfs everyday
Still with one eye
But with a feeling of gay

The End

See you next Time

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