21 April 2012

Surf Ratus

© Mulga 2012, Surf Ratus, Watercolour on Paper, 13.5 x 19.5 cm

Buy this original painting of Surf Ratus for $40 or buy A4 prints for $10 or A3 for $20.

Email me at mulgasroom@gmail.com to buy.

Here's a poem about Surf Ratus

An Ode to Surf Ratus

He is a rat
He is yellow
His tail is purple
He eats raspberry jello

He surfs the sewers
Among the turds
Kinda like Nulla
But without the birds

He reached great heights
In the surf sewer arena
But he never did beat
Sneaky Ratty Slater

The picture you see
Is before his last heat
Located beneath
Jabba the Hutts toilet seat

The log was so large
It set off a wave
The likes of which
Sent this rat to his grave

The wave in question
Could give him the score
To show Ratty Slater
The proverbial door

So he turned and burned
And dug his claws in deep
Gathered the speed
To conquer the beast

He made the drop
And pulled under the lip
Only to see
Jabba's log do a flip

It flipped in the air
Like a thrown cat
Came down on his head
And squashed him flat

He died that day
In Jabba's log entombed
Never did beat Slater
And forever perfumed

The End

See you next time.

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