17 April 2012

Creepy Carrot Surf Gang

© Mulga 2012, Creepy Carrot Surf Gang, Ink on Paper,9 x 14 cm

An Ode To The Creepy Carrot Surf Gang

When the fruit shop shuts
After the last order
These carrots go nuts
They hit the water

One carrot is a board
The other surfs on top
They surf as a hoard
When the fall they flop

The rival gang
To the Black Banana crew
They learnt new slang
They shun the stew

Any banana they see
They draw their blades
They slash with glee
They lob grenades

When they make a kill
These carrots get creepy
It makes me ill
It gets kinda freaky

They peel their foe
They eat their innards
They grow a mo
And act like lizards

With the skin
They make a cape
It makes them grin
Makes them a convex shape

This story is weird
But i must contend
Just as I feared
It's come to an end

See you next time.

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