14 April 2012

Boris the Bearded Bow Tie Straw Hat Wearing Man

© Mulga 2012, Boris the Bearded Bow Tie Straw Hat Wearing Man, Ink on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

I was recently interviewed for an art blog.
If you would like to understand me and my art a bit better check it our here.

Here is a poem about the enigmatic Boris.

An Ode to Boris

This be Boris
He wears a hat
He is a florist
He shuns the cravat

His hat is straw
His vest is black
He abides by the law
His beard is whack

His bow tie does spin
Like a merry go round
He takes it on the chin
It gets him off the ground

He flies to work
He flies back home
He goes berserk
Like Thunder dome

Two men enter
But one man leaves
The bow tie is fast
It ducks and weaves

When he's in town
The flowers all bloom
When he's around
There's elbow room

He enjoys a puzzle
Like a mighty duck
He's known to guzzle
After he hits the puck

The End

See you next time


  1. This is so much fun to stare at. All the patterns and the textures. Wonderful!

  2. love the textures and shapes your work has, there so intresting to look at!

  3. You know, I took an initial look at him and I thought, that looks like a fellow who shuns the cravat. I mean obviously! Love all the textures. The hat especially, and great tie too!

  4. Love his hat and his beard! Haha, Cindy! I was thinking how the flowers must bloom whenever he comes around...

  5. Thanks for the nice comments friends!