24 March 2012

Purple Dancing Ratus

© Mulga 2012, Purple Dancing Ratus, Watercolour on Paper, 13.5 x 19.5 cm

I painted 5 pictures of colourful rats in various poses in celebration of the opening of my online shop. 

The first 5 people to buy a sticker at the shop will get a colourful rat painting similar to this one for free. 
At the time of writing there is 4 paintings available. 
Stickers are only $2, buy them here

Here's a poem about purple dancing ratus.

Purple Dancing Ratus 

He's a rat
He aint to shy
He killed the cat
But lost his eye

Now he prances
On old cat's grave
All night he dances
As if it's a rave

He waves his hands
In the air
His tail is yellow 
And purple is his hair

He's a vengeful critter
An odd little freak
He eats the catty litter
And his breath does reak

See you next time

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