28 March 2012

Where's My Scalp Zombie

© Mulga 2012, Where's My Scalp Zombie, Highlighter and Ink on Paper, 21 x 30 cm

This zombie is not to happy, he lost his scalp.
He cries tears of green ooze and longs for the day when the cool winds of change did not ruffle the insides of his subconscious.

You can buy this guy on a sticker here.

Here's a poem about this creepy creature

Where's My Scalp Zombie

His scalp is gone
His brains are green
His head was sawn
By things unseen

The birds do nibble
He collects the rain
He's prone to dribble
We can see his brain

Oh the horror!
Oh the strain!
To have uncovered
Thee precious brain!

The End

See you next time

1 comment:

  1. this is awesome ! loving the style, your colour selections real cool too.