21 March 2012

Zombie Tennis Player with Mo, Goatee and Headband

© Mulga 2012, Zombie Tennis Player, Acrylic and Posca on wood, 68 x 102 cm

This is a big orange zombie that I painted. His name is Allen.

He looks like he just finished a marathon tennis match and he is really parched. You can tell because his tongue is lolling about and his gums are showing because they are really dry and his lips are getting caught on them.

That happens to me sometimes. It makes me look like a horse. When I was in school I used to ride my bike and sometimes when I arrived at school in the morning my lips would be stuck to my gums and I would look heaps funny. My friends would point and laugh because I looked so different from normal.
He is also really weary which you can tell from his eyes, his left eye in particular. It has an odd squint about it.

I am not sure if you can tell from this picture but there is a huge amount of detail in his facial hair and headband. That is his favourite headband because his grandmother knitted it for him before she passed away. It has strong sentimental value for him and he cherishes it dearly. It is also really effective at keeping the zombie sweat out of his eyes during a long rally.

This painting is for sale.

See you next time.

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