25 February 2012

Black Bananas Surf Club

Mulga, Black Bananas Surf Club, Ink on Art Paper,27 x 20 cm

This is the logo for the mythical Black Bananas Surf Club.
These guys were the baddest fruit crew east of the plantation.
They always carried a knife in each hand wherever they went and were not afraid to slice and dice when the occasion called for it.
They once sliced a mango so bad he had to be juiced.
They were also capable surfers who surfed the biggest waves around Banana Island.
Their surf boards were made of banana bread and they didn't wear any pants.

See you next time
- Mulga


  1. Haha! So different for you! I love that there is a Black Bananas Surf Club. I know you put "mythical" so we wouldn't all want to join. They probably only take bananas anyway. It's a great logo and I can see a tattered version, blowing in the wind, above their "mythical" secret hideout. (Which wouldn't keep it very secret, I suppose.)

  2. haha. thanks Cindy.Yeah these bananas arent friendly characters. I plan on doing a series of surf club logos. ive finished another one called the silly sausage surf crew. will post it when the time is right!

  3. wow. mean bananas for sure.
    I love their expression and I fear their knives.

  4. bananas are the toughest of all fruits.

  5. They are splitting each other up, how unripe! Very appeeling illustration!

  6. Haha. Thanks guys! Those bananas a slippery characters for sure!