28 February 2012

Captain Monkey Pants (with his Captain's Hat Beard and Pipe)

Mulga, Captain Monkey Pants, Ink on Paper, 26 x 36 cm

An Ode to Captain Monkey Pants

This man I can recommend
You will want him as your friend
This man has a beard
This man is weird

He’s a captain with a pipe
He likes his bananas ripe

His hat is cool and he pity’s the fool
Who aint seen the world and when he rides a wave
He likes that cave when it’s perfectly curled

He travels the world in his ship with his crew and cat
He once saved a monkey king who was in a flap

The monkey king gave him a gift
As a reward for the lift

It was a pair of pants
They were magical
They were fantastical
They did not contain ants

They were full of power
And they bloomed like a flower
When the time was right
They helped solve any plight

The story of Captain Monkey Pants is truly amazing
He’s everyone’s favourite captain who’s a little crazy

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