15 November 2011

Peace is in our Hands

This is my hand after it was contaminated by radioactive toxic sludge.
Nah just joking, but seriously it was actually my hand when I became exceedingly angry in my car because the other drivers drove in front of me really slow and I turned into the Incredible Hulk.
Nah just joking again, it was actually my hand when I formed the peace sign and then drew and painted it in colours that my hand normally does not appear in. That's the honest truth.
The peace sign is silent but effective and I sometimes form and display it when I see someone I know and I want to do something different than the standard 4 fingered plus 1 thumbed wave.
You should try it sometime, it could be your new thaang!!
See you next time.


  1. Wondering what a musical expression of what peace or determination or cooperation might /could sound like... Maybe 'mulga' would care to jam?

  2. haha. i'll see what i can do chris.