09 November 2011

Green and Pink Stripey Frog

Here's a frog.
I drew him with highlighter and art-line felt tip pen.
He has a green torso and pink legs, arms, feet, hands and eye.
He's got lots of stripes and patterns on him.
Here's an acrostic poem:

Fun. Frogs must have heaps of fun because they are really good at jumping. Pearl has lots of fun jumping and she can't even jump very high. Imagine if you could jump as good as a frog. You would be like some kind of super hero. Maybe you would be called the Frog-Man.
Running. Frog's can't run but this is compensated by their excellent jumping ability. See above.
Only male frogs can croak. Some frogs can whistle and some can chirp like a bird.
Goliath Frog. This type of frog is the biggest frog in the world and can grow up to 3 feet long when stretched out. See a pic here.
See you next time.


  1. Love the colors and patterns, very strong! <3

  2. Absolutely love this frog! Since reading Brian Tracy's inspirational book "Eat That Frog" I have adopted frogs of all styles (ceramic, rocks, etc.) as my mascots :-) I have several of them in my office and they do in fact, inspire me. This lovely creature is fabulous - thank you!