18 October 2013

Mulgafest Video Competition

Mulgafest Video Competition

Music videos are rad but what about art poetry videos, that doesn’t sound too snazzy but let’s change that!

Mulgafest is an annual video competition aiming to showcase the worlds most raddest video makers. It is a collaboration between Mulga and the video maker and celebrates art and poetry and video in one fun little package.


The winner will receive a $300 Mulga gift voucher. This voucher can be used to purchase Mulga goodies such as clothes, art prints, an original artwork or a custom Mulga painting.


Make a video about a Mulga artwork with the poem about the artwork being the audio or as text in the video.

If you want, send an email to mulgasroom@gmail.com telling me which artwork you want to feature and I can record the poem for you.

Checkout this video I made for an example.

How to enter

Upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and then email mulgasroom@gmail.com with the link.

I will then put the video on my website.

How is the winner selected?

Mulga will select his favourite video from the top 5 videos with the most Facebook likes.


Video submissions close 30 November 2013.

Facebook voting ends on 15 December 2013 and Mulga will then select his favourite video from the 5 videos with the most Facebook likes.

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