31 October 2013

Jerry the Giraffe

I was commissioned to draw Jerry the Giraffe by an ear, nose, throat doctor's surgery.

They had already purchased a print of Eden the Enigmatic Elephant who represented the ears and nose and now they just needed the throat to compete the trifecta.

Jerry the Giraffe was the ideal candidate.

© Mulga 2013, Jerry the Giraffe, Posca on Paper, 30 x 42 cm

An Ode to Jerry the Giraffe

Jerry the Giraffe is unique in his tower
Because of his magical colours his voice has power

He’s memorised all the tunes from the Lion King
And for miles around all the animals hear him sing

He has a voice so smooth like Elton John
And everyone loves when he sings that special song

He always wins the savannah talent shows
And afterwards all his fans give him a rose

The End