18 February 2012

The One Armed Sushi Chef otherwise known as the Beard Man Wearing Headband with Anchor on it

The One Armed Sushi Chef

He has a beard
And a headband too
His anchor is geared
For wowing you

He's a sushi chef
Of the highest order
His name is Jeff
He abhors disorder

He's the fastest slicer
In the land
He doesn't use a ricer
He has one hand

He's an Iron Chef
On that SBS cooking show
He killed the ref
With one blow

The decision was wrong
Or so he thought
And because he didn't win
He killed the lot

You'll find him now
In his little sushi shop
Forget to pay the bill
And you'll get the chop

See you next time


  1. Love the linework. Cool! Very expressive!

  2. Thanks van dyke. I love to do lots of lines!

  3. Guauuu!!! Nice surprise!!!


  4. Whoa, wow! Love this, so detailed and stunning. Great poem too.

  5. Thanks JMB and Angel. I like doing the detailed bits. Always makes it look better i reckon

  6. omigosh! I LOVE this!!!! Definitely following you on facebook and twitter now. your style is fantastic