22 October 2011

Sun Face on My Surfboard

I drew a sun face on my surfboard with a black posca.
He appears to be whistling or saying 'oooh'.
Some facts about the sun:
The sun is now a middle-aged star, meaning it is at about the middle of its life.
The sun is 109 times wider then the earth and 333,000 times heavier.
The sun rotates every 25-36 days.
The sun is the ultimate source of fuel.
We would be so dead without the sun.
See you next time
- Mulga

p.s. I'm selling this surfboard. It's in pretty good condition. The dimensions are 6'5 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/2.
It comes with future fins and a tailpad and the artwork is included. Drop me a line if your interested.

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