29 October 2011

The Scary Hairy Frogman

When i look at the Scary Hairy Frogman so many many questions arise, such as:
-why is the Frogman hairy? Typically frogs are hairless creatures. Is this some new mutant breed of creature, half frog and half hairy man?
-why does a Frogman need an umbrella. Frog's love the water and often live in its cool embrace? Perhaps he is sheltering from the ozone hole.
-why does a Frogman wear dress shoes? Frog's are typically casual creatures, even Kermit who hosted his own television show didn't wear shoes much less shoes as stylish as the Scary Hairy Frogman. Perhaps he is a frequenter of dancing clubs, we do not know.
-why is one of his arms much longer than the other? Is this a birth defect or just bad penmanship or even a mutation due to his frequent use of aforementioned umbrella.
-why are his nipples x's. This is odd and we do not have the time allocated to explore this issue further.
-when i look at his mouth i wonder if he whistling or going in for a kiss or going ooooh!
I have adequately demonstrated there are many questions unanswered. If you are able to answer any questions please contact me immediately. If you remain curious i advise you to subscribe to my blog by inserting your email address into the top left corner of this page. All will be revealed in due course.
Long live the Scary Hairy Frogman!


  1. It does look like he's whistling. Perhaps he is trying to be inconspicuous. It is not working. I have a few more guesses. For one, I don't think the umbrella is intended to keep rain away, but sun. Sun can be very detrimental to this type of bipedal frog. As for the hair, I'm thinking regional adaptation for particularly cold water. Where does he live? The dress shoes are just very cool. If I saw those, I would buy them and I am also not someone who wears dress shoes. :)

  2. Haha, your hypothesis is very insightful Cindy D. You have some thoughts that i did not even consider. All the pieces are falling into place!Cheers

  3. I have half an answer and question in one - do frogs normally have four fingers and opposable thumbs? He must be a new and improved mutant frog. This may explain the umbrella and shoes - if I was the only one in my family who could tie shoe laces and hold an umbrella I would do so - even if unnecessary.

  4. Tim you are on to something there. He may just have wield an umbrella and wear the shoes because "he can" as the saying goes. Excellent comments.

  5. Very suspicious … I’m sure he is not what he seems to be. Is it possible that we look at a scary hairy Manfrog disguised as a scary hairy frogman?