10 October 2011

Le Crabtraption

This is le humble crab. I drew this on paper with gauche (with some water added) and posca pen.
The crab is a great contraption that God invented.
Crabs are cool because they can run sideways really well and because of this they are really good at soccer because they are excellent jockeyer's. It also helps to have 8 feet (not including the claws). However, sadly they are bad dancers because they have 4 left feet.
Please beware that crabs are decapods and they have teeth on the inside of their stomach, kinda like that pit in the desert that Jabba the Hutt hangs out at. That is one scary scene.

Here's a crab joke.
A man walks into a restaurant and says, "Do you serve crabs here?"
The waitress replies, "We serve everyone. Have a seat."

Here's a poem I composed about crabs in acrostic style. It doesn't ryhme (sorry).

Crabs are cannibals and will eat their best friend if he is a weakling
Running sideways is what crabs are good at (and also chomping stuff with their claws)
A crab can grow it's claw back if it gets lost/chomped by it's other claw/stuck under a rock etc (awesome!)
Blue swimmer crabs are a type of crab and are yummy.
Some say the superman of crabs is the Japanese Spider Crab. These crabs are huge (and scary)!

So crabs are not so boring after all. See you next time.


  1. Thank you for the comment! very good line work!

  2. Very nice illustration and interesting crab stuff. My horoscope sign is cancer, the crab! :-D

  3. cheers for the comments guys!