16 July 2013

Poetry Recital on Channel 7′s Sunrise

I had the opportunity to recite a poem on Channel 7's Sunrise show as part of the Beard Season launch.

Here is the link to the video.

Check out Beard  Season's website.

This is the poem I recited

An Ode to Beard Season

Hey ho let’s gather round
For a word on beards and advice so sound

This wondrous thing that we call the beard
Should not be abhorred, it should not be feared

It should be embraced like a soft teddy bear
This thing is precious, this blanket of hair

It has the power to save your life
And the skill to keep you from harm and strife

I like to think a beard is more than just fun
It’s also protective armour from the sun

In my final remarks I do implore
Go have a skin check lest ye hit the floor

The End

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