28 September 2012

Mr Magic Aztec Sun Face

© Mulga 2012, Mr Magic Aztec Sun Face, Acrylic and Posca on Canvas,50 x 50 cm

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An Ode to Mr Magic Aztec Sun Face

Oh Mr Magic Sun Face
With a lovely mo and a grin so huge
Where is thy grace
When you ride the luge

You sit in the atmosphere
Collecting the asteroids and dust
From out of space
Your happiness is a must

2012 is your fateful year
Like a deer on the road
Something is shifting
Like a plague of cane toad

Boom boom go the drums
Clash bang the cymbals too
Everyone elongate your thumbs
And dip them in the magic brew

Colour and mystery
Is your cloak in the dark
Sometimes a great moustache
Will only get you so far

The end

See you next time

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