28 August 2012

An article Bearded Gentlemen Music wrote about me

Hello friends,

I have pasted below a blog post from a cool website I did some art for. They wrote a bit about my art and music.

You can also check out their page at http://beardedgentlemenmusic.com and see some Mulga art adorning the walls.


- Mulga

Mulga the Artist

In case you have been living under a rock somewhere, we have made some sweet logo and design changes to the site and our various social media outlets. We now have a new custom designed logo / artwork from an Australian artist named Mulga.
I randomly discovered Mulga’s art when I was searching the term “afro with a beard” on Google images (I’m strange I know, I just REALLY love Afros and beards are magical) . In my search I discovered this amazing drawing called “The Majestic Afro and Beard of Jungle Man” which was a piece that Mulga had created based on a picture of Tunde Adebimpe from TV on the Radio.  The intricacy and line work of the drawing were mind blowing and upon visiting his blog I also discovered that he was also obsessed with the mystical power of beards (see our first post) and zombie’s (two of my favorite things) so I began internet stalking him for a couple months.
After all of the stalking and admiring of all his new art he was creating, I finally got in touch with him and asked if he would be willing to create us an amazing piece of bearded art. He accepted and created us “Harry The Hipster”. Now, I know I am bit biased but “Hairy the Hipster has to be one of the greatest pieces of all time, far surpassing “The Mona Lisa” or “The Scream” or any other sub par paintings of that sort. I mean look at that picture, isn’t that insanely awesome!?
So, to tie this all back into music. I would like to mention that Mulga is also a musician and performs in his band Mulgas Room. They make some cool songs. Their latest “O’er the Hills” is a pretty catchy and well written tune.
The band has a bunch of other sweet tunes as well on their BandCamp, go check them out. http://mulgasroom.bandcamp.com/
I also got our Australian friend to send us a list of some of his favorite tunes:
Here are a few other of my favorite pieces of art that Mulga has created.
Mulga also designs t-shirts as well as skateboards and stuff like. So if
you dig any of his stuff get in touch and I’m sure he would be stoked to hook you up, or sell you a print of any pieces that you like.
If you look around on the internet there are a bunch of independent artists out there creating a lot of really great and interesting art work. When you get some time to waste I encourage everyone to hop on the ol’ net and do some searching. That’s how I found Mulga and my life and everyone else’s life that’s associated with BGM has taken a turn for the better. Because music, movies, and art are gifts from the gods. Haha.

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