01 July 2012

We Know/See Everything

 © Mulga 2012, We Know Everything, Ink on Paper, Digitally Colored, 18 x 14 cm

© Mulga 2012, We see everything, Ink on Paper, Digitally Colored, 18 x 14 cm

These are 2 zombies that have special powers.

The first zombie dude reckons he know everything and this is signified by the diamond that he holds above his head.  The diamond sparkles and is ever so pretty. He wears a pretty cool singlet with nice stripes and a fish on it. Fish is his favorite food to eat after human brain.

The second zombie dude has a star on his forehead with little dashes coming out of it which alludes to the fact that he can see everything. Maybe he can maybe he can't, no-one really knows. He also has a ponytail that is too big for his head. That is because I drew the pony tail first and the body second, not the best way to do things.

See you next time

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