23 June 2012

Magic Lion

© Mulga 2012, Magic Lion, Acrylic and Posca on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

Magic Lion

This here lion
Is magic indeed
His roar is special
And he likes to feed

On zebras and beef
And goats and sheep
But the village people
Call him a thief

Whenever he roars
People run away
The roar is magical
That's what the people say

It's said he runs like a leopard
And flies like a bird
Swims like a gator
With colours absurd

He is as strong as a rhino
Has vision like an eagle
As cunning as a fox
And teeth so lethal

Magic Lion rules supreme
King of the jungle
Ruler of the pride
And he likes to rumble

See you next time
- Mulga


  1. I think this is really interesting and well done! Those bright colors against the black background make it very intense. Seems simple yet very detailed. :)

  2. thanks for taking the time to comment dudes!!

  3. Love your work, Joel. Some great stuff and very funny too! Lee