05 June 2012

King Herman the Third, Zombie King

© Mulga 2012, King Herman the Third, Zombie King, Ink on Paper and digitally coloured, 9 x 14 cm

King Herman the Third, Zombie King

This is King Herman the Third, king of the modern day zombies.
He rules with an iron glove and eats people like there's no tommorrow.

He once ate a dude for breakfast with some honey on top.
It's been rumured that he has zombiefied over 10,000 persons all due to his humungous appetite for human flesh and world domination.

The quote in the picture relates to the fact that the zombie army is growing and that the zombie apocolypse will soon be upon us and that the world as we know it will come to an end and King Herman the Third will assume control of the population of Earth.

He plans to eat all peoples so that the whole Earth is only made up of zombies then he wants to build a big spaceship and fly to the moon and live there because after the taste of human flesh cheese is his second favourite flavour.

Time will only tell if he succeeds, but I have been hearing stories of increased zombie attacks in the news, so it looks like the time to freak out could be upon us.

See you next time.

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