07 April 2012

Zombie King of the Sea

© Mulga 2012, Zombie King of the Sea, Acrylic and Posca on Paper, 55 x 75 cm

This painting is for sale for $320.
It is framed (total framed size is 79 x 108 cm).
If you would like to buy, email me at mulgasroom@gmail.com

This is what it looks like next to me. It is pretty awesome.

This is a poem

An Ode to the Zombie King of the Sea

I am Zombie 
King of the Sea
All powerful 
That is me

I inhabit the depths
Where Leviathan roam
Down many steps
I call my home

My beard is long
And it is red
The source of my power
Keeps me fed

Like the pits of Mordor
I am underwater death
Just dip in your toe
And take a breath

Upon dolphins and whale
I enjoy to feed
With but one bite
I devour with speed

If your down my way
Come and say hi
I'll invite you to stay
I'll bake a pie

The flavour could be
Penguin and shark
Bounty of the sea
This aint no lark

The End

See you next time.


  1. Really like this. Makes me think of a mix of South American and African art. Love a bit of neon too!

  2. Thanks Sophie! I've never thought of it as South American or African but that is cool you see that. Neon is awesome. love bright colours.

  3. Hahaha this is awesome :D the poem's the cherry on top ! hehe love your art man :D