04 February 2012

Mutant Cowboy Zombie

The Tale of the Mutant Cowboy Zombie

After the heist on the bank
They shot old hank
Left him to die and stole his take

Only he didn't die
He turned into a pie
The sun baked him good
Like only the sun could

His flavor was chicken and curry
But he was in no hurry
Got bit by some a freaky  wolves
Turned into a mutant with big hoofs

He galloped around
Then a flood came and he nearly drowned
But he gained the power of ten thousand suns
And set off to track down those bums

Those double crossing cowards
Weazly pickers of flowers
He found them in the saloon of a desert town
Drunk as skunks and acting the clown

They had looks of fear
When they saw his mutant lear
And his disfigurement ever so severe

His chicken curry skin glistened in the light 
As he reached for his shooter with his hand on the right
His aim was perfect and shot them all three
With but one bullet that buzzed like a bee

After that he took a drink
And sat down for little think
What kind of life is this for a mutant freak
With a chicken curry face and hooves for feet

So he joined the circus and he was a success
The moral of the story is to be your freakiest best

The End

See you next time

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