26 November 2011

Six Round Zombie Heads

This is a painting of six round zombie heads.
They are round like an orange or a bowling ball.
Some are happy, some are sad, some are tired and some are bad,
some are whistling and some are poking their tongue out and one of them has a mo-hawk.
Their teeth are sharp and i wouldn't like to meet them in the dark.
See you next time.


  1. Great poem! So silly and cute. These are really cool. Love the bright colors on black, and the crazy eyelids.

  2. thanks cindy. i agree bright colours are cool.

  3. I like the cheeky zombie in the corner. Who doesn't like bright zombies!

  4. Yellow is my favourite one, nice work

  5. I really like these colourful zombies :)
    I wouldn't go near the though...no matter how attractive the colors I've watched too many romero and fulci movies to do that :P