24 September 2011

New Art By Mulga - Nordic Warlord

Some pics of the Nordic Warlord in progress below.

Here is a new artwork i painted with posca pens on cardboard.
He is a viking but i like to think of him as a Nordic warlord.
Viking's have a reputation of being pretty ferocious but this viking dude looks pretty mellow, even Zen like.
He appears to be a pretty tough dude but he has pig tails, it's kind of a contradiction.
He has a wicked mean beard and you can imagine all the sorts of food he gets stuck in there after a massive feast back at the village after coming back from a raid from over the other side of the ocean.
There's probably a boar drumstick hidden in there somewhere.
- Mulga


  1. vikings are awesome and so is your work

  2. eye candy. very fun to look at. jolly and ferocious. terrific line work.

  3. love your bearded faces!!

  4. Thankya anonymous internet person!